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Green Motion United Kingdom Rental Terms for travel between 01-Jan-2017 and 31-Dec-2019

Green Motion UK – Terms and Conditions 2017

1. Pricing
 Pricing is quoted on a ‘per day’ basis (24 hour period). Inclusive rates include
collision damage waiver (CDW), theft protection (TP), UK value added tax (VAT) with
insurance covering the main driver (excess applicable).
Exclusive rates exclude collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection (TP) but
include UK value added tax (VAT). Excess is unlimited. Drivers signing the rental
agreement on this basis accept full liability.
Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection herein called CDW and TP
respectively, are cover limiting the customer's liability for damage to or theft of the
rental vehicle. The level of liability is the amount known as the insurance excess
which can differ depending upon the type of vehicle, method of payment and
customers age. The level of excess is given in more detail in point 8 below. CDW and
TP will not apply if the terms of the rental have been broken.

2. Vehicle Condition
 Condition: Vehicles must be returned to the location/drop off point in the same
condition as when it was picked up/delivered. It is the responsibility of the customer
to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly checked prior to taking custody of the
The client accepts responsibility for taking due care and attention of the vehicle.
Failure to do so and loss or damage to the interior of the vehicle is deemed negligent
and nullifies, the excess limits and any waivers taken. The client becomes
responsible for all costs incurred.
Whilst in charge of the vehicle the client accepts responsibility for maintaining the
roadworthiness of the vehicle and agrees to take remedial action to avoid
unnecessary cost/damage. This will include maintaining oil levels, tyre pressures and
other common sense actions to maintain the vehicle. Costs will generally be covered
if a receipt is provided.
In keeping with industry standards and association guidelines, short term vehicle
rental does not have a margin of fair wear and tear for damage. A short term rental
is any hire for which the duration is less than 90 consecutive days. Therefore any
change to the condition of the vehicle during the rental will be the responsibility of
the customer.

3. Vehicle Group/Model
 Our vehicles are classified into groups for clarity of booking. The group is indicated
in the bottom right of the vehicle image and the description at the top left. The
group will print on your reservation. 
Reservations are confirmed for a group and not a particular model unless shown
otherwise. We regret we are unable to guarantee a particular make/model or fuel
type of vehicle unless a guaranteed model group has been booked. The vehicle
shown on any documentation is for guidance only and may be substituted with an
alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle at our discretion.
Model groups described as "or similar" are not guaranteed, model groups described
as "make model guaranteed" are guaranteed model groups.

4. Mileage
Limited mileage allowance for all standard short term rentals;
• Rentals are subject to a maximum of 90 miles per day, excess miles are
deemed as excessive use and will be charged at £0.25 per mile (including
• If vehicles are taken abroad, there is a 90 miles per day maximum mileage
allowance. Excess mileage is £0.50 per mile (including VAT).
• Unlimited mileage can be purchased at an extra cost of £6.00 (including VAT)
per day.

5. Opening Hours
Please see the Green Motion Locations tab for local opening hours. Some local
holiday variations may apply. Please check with your local office.
Locations may be closed for pickups and returns on public holidays (Bank Holidays
including Christmas Day, Boxing and New Years Day. Please check at the time of

6. Out of Hour's Service
If an out of hours service is available then rentals will attract a £36 (including vat)
charge payable on collection. Out of hours requests are treated as on request and
cannot be guaranteed.
Collections or returns after midnight will attract a fee of £75 if available. Not all
locations offer out of hours returns and a 24 hour service should not be assumed
where out of hours service is offered. Please refer to the Locations tab for more

7. Methods of Payment
Green Motion locations accept all major credit cards for payment (Master Card and
Visa). American Express and Diners are not generally accepted and may attract an
administration charge – please apply locally for confirmation. Credit cards are
accepted for pre-authorisations. 
Unembossed cards and cards marked Electronic use are not accepted for preauthorisation.
Cards must be in the driver’s name. Cash deposits/pre-authorisations
are not accepted.
Cheques are not acceptable.
Pre-paid cards may not be accepted, please check with your renting branch at the
point of booking.

8. Excess and PreAuthorisation
Our standard excesses are shown below along with the pre-authorisation required
by credit card that must be in the driver’s name. Our excess excludes damage to the
wheels, tyres, glass, roof and underneath of the vehicle. Other exclusions apply,
please refer to rental agreement for more details. Locations reserve the right to
request a higher pre-authorisation based on premium vehicles, licence endorsement
history etc.
A pre authorisation is the method by which a deposit amount is ringfenced rather
than transacted as a sale. The monies must be available in the account but will not
leave it. The amount will not be available to the account holder until released by
their bank. The period until the funds are released is usually between 5 and 15 days
but can be longer depending on the type of card and country of issue.
Car Group - Standard Excess - Pre-auth Required
Small Cars      £995                           £400
Large Cars      £1195                          £400
7 Seater Vehicles/MPVs £1495           £400
*Premium/Luxury cars and 8/9 seat minibuses £2495 £800
*Premium fleet cars will normally include brands such as Mercedes; Audi; BMW; Jaguar etc.
This list is not exhaustive.

9. US Source Rates
Where a client books a vehicle using US Source rates the rate will exclude any form
of CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) or TP (Theft Protection) limit on liability. Both
CDW and TP will be available to purchase at the rental counter. Clients will sign to
agree unlimited liability. The responsibility to ensure that this cover exists will be
solely with the driver. Excesses and pre-authorisations will be as follows:
Car Group - US SourceExcess - Pre-authRequired
Small Cars    Unlimited                 £995
Large Cars    Unlimited                 £1195
7 Seater Vehicles/MPVs Unlimited £1495
*Premium/Luxury cars and 8/9 seat minibuses Unlimited £2495
*Premium fleet cars will normally include brands such as Mercedes; Audi; BMW; etc. This list
is not exhaustive.

10. Risk Reduction Extra (RRE)*
Reduces the liability for damage to glass and tyres only to zero. Wheels are NOT
covered. This a Daily charge with no maximum. For example a windscreen chip or
puncture would be covered, damage to the wheel or trim would not.

11. Risk Reduction Plus (RR+)*
Reduces the excess to a lower amount. Clients will remain liable for wheels, tyres,
glass, the roof and underneath. Maximum charge is 10 days at the published rate,
then £6 per day. This product can be taken alongside Risk Reduction Extra. For
example, damage liability could be reduced from £995 to £400 if RR+ is taken but the
client would be responsible for the full cost of a tyre in the event of a puncture
unless they take RRE in addition to RR+.

12. Risk Reduction Premium (RRP)*
Reduces the excess to zero (exceptions exist such as the underneath of the vehicle
and damage following driver negligence such as cigarette burns). Maximum charge is
10 days at the published rate, then £6 per day. For example the client will not be
responsible for a scratch or parking dent to the vehicle but would be responsible for
scratches or damage to the underside of the vehicle caused by driving where there is
insufficient clearance.
*Vans will not normally qualify for any risk reduction packages.
*Young drivers will not be offered reduction packages.

13. Minimum/Maximum Age
Drivers aged 21 to 24 years old can only drive manual vehicles up to and including 1G
for example a manual Peugeot 308 5 door hatch. Drivers aged 21 to 24 cannot drive
any large or estate vehicles. Other limitations may apply, please contact the rental
branch at the time of booking for more detail. They must have a minimum of two
years driving experience. For young drivers a daily surcharge of £38.50 per day
applies. *Young drivers may be subject to a different pre-authorisation amount,
please check with the renting branch prior to collection.
The minimum driver age for all other groups is 25 years old with two years driving
experience. Driving licence entitlement (for example D1 category on UK licence)
must also be provided.
The standard maximum age for insurance purposes is 80yrs. Please check with the
branch prior to booking

14. Driving Licence; Identification Requirements and Insurance Conditions
Due to insurance restrictions, licences issued in the following countries are not
accepted. Other issuing countries may result in higher insurance excesses. Please
check with the renting branch prior to collection.














Marshall Islands









Burkina Faso









Netherlands Antilles

Cape Verde


Central African Republic





North Korea

Congo, Republic of the


Cote d'lvoire



Palestinian Territories




Papua New Guinea

East Timor (see Timor-Leste)


Equatorial Guinea



Saint Vincent & Grenadines




Sao Tome and Principe




Sierra Leone




South Sudan


Sri Lanka






















Trinidad and Tobago






















Some occupations such as professional sports people or entertainers or foreign
service personnel are excluded from the insurance policy, please enquire with the
renting branch before booking.
Vehicles used for hire and reward are excluded from the insurance policy unless with
explicit and written authority.
A full driving licence or international equivalent, issued by authorised authorities at
least 2 years prior to commencement of the hire is required, typed in Roman letters,
Latin alphabet. Exclusions may apply with regards to traffic violations or penalty
points. Any offences relating to drink or drug usage (however old) may result in no
car being offered. Please enquire with the renting branch at time of booking if you
have ANY endorsements, restrictions or penalty points.
After 8th June 2015 holders of a UK driving licence regardless of country of
residence, are required to bring their DVLA Check My Licence Code with their driving
licence and ID. Failure to do so will result either in an inability to rent or a call to
DVLA which is a premium rate call and will result in charges of at least £15. 
Any driver must produce a valid, original copy of their driving licence including photo
ID. In addition, the main driver must produce a valid credit card (in customer’s name
and current address) for the payment of deposits, additional extras and risk
reduction packages.
The customer (main driver and any additional driver/s) will also be required to
provide secondary photographic identification (passport or authorised ID) and proof
of address or residence. ID documents must be hard copy and documents held on
mobile devices cannot be accepted. Proof of ID documents must be bank or credit
card statements or utility bills issued within the past 4 months. Please check with the
renting branch at the time of reservation.
Any International Driving Permit must be accompanied by the national drivers
A vehicle will be refused if a full valid licence cannot be presented at time of
If a DVLA check of any nature is offered a fee charged at the time of rental will apply.
Please check the availability and cost of such a facility with the renting branch prior
to your rental.
A Web Cam Photograph of drivers is required by the insurance underwriters and will
be taken at the time of rental. In keeping with privacy legislation the image will not
be shared outside Green Motion or its insurer unless illegal activity is suspected.

15. Fines, Penalties and Administration Charges
It is the responsibility of each hirer to cover the cost of any parking fines and traffic
violations including but not limited to unpaid tolls and Congestion Charges. When
fines or traffic violations occur and a Green Motion location is involved in
administering the violation a management fee will be charged. The charge is location
specific, please check with the renting branch for details. This is a non waiverable

16. Delayed Collections/ No show policy
If you book via www.greenmotion.co.uk please see terms herein. If you book via a
3rd party please refer to their terms and conditions.
Reservations will be held for 2 hours from the specified reservation time after which
they will be classed as a no-show. If a client arrives after this time then a vehicle is
not assured. We will do everything possible to provide a vehicle. This may include
offering a different vehicle and rates may be different to the original booking.
At an airport location, if a customer experiences flight delays (and a valid flight
number is provided) then no out of hours surcharge will apply within 2.5 hours of
the intended arrival time. However, if the delay is in excess of midnight then the 
location may close without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform
a location before flying if delayed or arriving after a locations closing time.
If no valid flight number is provided then the reservations will be held for 2.5 hours
or until the location closes. Staff will not wait after closing time where no flight
number is provided.
At downtown locations a reservation will be held for 2 hours or until closing time
whichever is first. Staff will not wait after closing time.
Flight diversions will be treated as a no show at the original location and a booking
cannot be assumed to be transferred.
No refunds will be given for rentals ended early, late collections, no shows or
cancellations made after the rental start date, even if cancellation protection is

17. Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of your reservation should be made in writing, fax or email at least 24
hours prior to the start of your rental. Please note that telephone cancellations will
not be accepted

18. Cancellation Administration Charge
If a reservation is not collected or not cancelled in advance of the start time then
Green Motion will levy a charge.
For pay on arrival reservations made online, the no-show/cancellation fee will equal
pre-paid deposit. No refund will be due.
For fully pre-paid reservations made online, the amount due for noshow/cancellation’s
will be calculated in line with the below:
 7 or more days before start date: £15
 3-6 days before start date: 50%
 2 days before start date: 75%
 0-1 days before start date: 100%
The notice period is based on a day being a 24 hour period, up to the start time, not
a calendar day.

19. Early Returns/Unused Rental Days
 No refunds (partial or full) will be given for charges ended early.

20. One way Rentals
Are not offered as standard and can only be negotiated and priced directly with the
branch. Where offered, an additional fee for one way rentals is chargeable and must
be confirmed in writing by the branch prior to collection. 

21. Rental Extensions
Please note that it may not always be possible for the hiring branch to extend the
hire. Where the branch agree to extend the hire, the rental will be charged at the
prevailing rate which may be higher or lower than the original booking rate.

22. Overseas Use
Green Motion vehicles can only be used on the UK mainland. Permission for use in
Ireland* or France will attract the following charges
The cost will be calculated as the Standard rental + £125 surcharge + £20 per part
calendar day.
Permission is not assured and must be sought from the Green Motion supplying
location 7 days prior to any overseas use. It is the responsibility of the driver to
ensure all that all European driving regulations are followed including GB stickers
plus any mandatory equipment required. If prior notice is not given then permission
at the rental counter may be refused.
When a vehicle is taken overseas a daily mileage limit of 90 miles will be applied to
the ENTIRE rental. Mileage over the agreed amount with be charged at 50 pence per
*Vehicles hired in Northern Ireland will not attract a fee for travel into the Republic
of Ireland.

23. Delivery and Collection
A delivery and collection service may be available within normal opening hours.
Charges will apply. Please contact the location for details.

24. Lost Keys
Green Motion will charge if keys are lost or damaged. Please note that if a vehicle is
stolen and keys are not returned to the rental location, the hirer will be deemed
negligent. Lost keys are deemed as negligence and are not covered under the
insurance excess limitation or risk reduction packages. Drivers will be liable for all
costs relating to recovery, loss of use and repair. This list is not exhaustive.

25. Fuel Policy
Vehicles are supplied on a like for like basis meaning the vehicle should be returned
with the same level of fuel supplied. The level of fuel supplied is not guaranteed and
will be between 1/8 tank and full. Fuel is at the hirers expense. Hirers are
recommended to return the car with the same fuel to avoid charges.

26. Roadside Assistance
Breakdown cover is included in our rates. Relevant contact details and roadside
assistance procedures will be given prior to the commencement of the hire. 
Dependant on the circumstances we reserve the right not to provide a replacement
Breakdown occurring in remote rural areas (e.g, Highlands of Scotland) that are not
of a warranty mechanical nature, are not covered and will incur additional charges.

27. Smoking
Green Motion operate a no smoking policy for all vehicles. If you have smoked or
allowed smoking within the vehicle charges will apply. This includes allowing
cigarette (or cigar) smoke or ash into the vehicle, which would imply the
above. Charges are detailed in the damage matrix available at the rental counter.

28. Valeting/Animal in our vehicles
We request no animals are transported in our vehicle unless contained. A valeting
fee may be applied to rectify any soiling due to animal transportation. The minimum
fee will be at least £80 plus VAT (£96 incl VAT).
In the event that a vehicle is returned in an unclean condition (internally or
externally) and requires more than our standard clean, a valeting charge of £80 plus
VAT (£96 incl VAT) will apply. Hazardous soiling requiring specialist cleaning will be
charged according to the nature of the specialist required.

29. Complaints
As a franchised organisation your rental branch is owned and managed on a local
level. This makes complaint resolution much quicker and more straight forward if
raised at a senior level within the branch. Therefore please contact the branch email
address or location specific customer service email, both of which are found in the
location section of this website. Should you not receive a response in 5 days or are
unable to reach a resolution with the branch, UK customer service will be happy to
mediate. In which case please send copies of all correspondence with the branch and
any other supporting documents to ics@cs.greenmotion.com
Any complaints should be made in writing to ics@cs.greenmotion.com within 30
days of the return date. Complaints received after this period may not be
You can also contact us via the post hire contact form

30. Amendments
Reservation amendments must be requested in writing, fax or email at least 24
hours prior to the start of your rental. Please note that telephone amendments will
not be accepted. An amendment request is not assured and amendments will be
treated as a new booking.

31. Vehicle Trackers
Some of our vehicles contain tracking devices which will be used in accordance with
our data protection policy. 

32. Late Returns
A vehicle is hired for a contracted period as detailed on the rental agreement. There
is a grace period of 59 minutes at the end of a hire after which an extra days hire will
automatically fall due.
After the grace period Green Motion will class the booking as late back and
additional charges will fall due. The prevailing daily rate will apply and will include
any billable optional extras such as baby seats, additional drivers or damage
waivers. The charge will be applied to the card used for security at the start of the

33. General Terms
All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.
Green Motion Car and Van Rental Limited or Green Motion Limited cannot accept
liability for any charges incurred on documentation signed for and accepted locally.
Green Motion Car and Van Rental Limited or Green Motion Limited will not be held
responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs causing wilful
damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. The customer
will accept responsibility in respect of such claims. This list is not exclusive.
When comprehensive insurance is taken out it is to provide the customer with
entitlement to drive and covers the vehicle in the event of an accident. In the case
where a customer is found negligent Green Motion Car and Van Rental Limited or
Green Motion Limited and its locations reserve the right to pursue the customer for
the recovery of all losses incurred.
Calls to Green Motion may be recorded.
Terms and Conditions Issued January 2017 and may be subject to change at any
time. All prices quoted herein are inclusive of VAT.
Green Motion in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is operated under a
master country franchise agreement owned by Green Motion Car and Van Rental
Limited, registered in the United Kingdom. Company Number: 08125058. Registered
Address: 2 Redman Court, Bell Street, Princes Risborough, HP27 0AA. Each individual
Green Motion car rental location in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is
operated under franchise agreement awarded by Green Motion Car and Van Rental
Limited. Company particulars can be made available on written request. The Green
Motion United Kingdom and Northern Ireland master country franchise was
awarded to Green Motion Car and Van Rental Limited by Green Motion
International, who are the license holders and operators of the Green Motion brand
and car and van rental systems worldwide.

Terms of booking on this website

Information disclaimer
The rates on this website are often heavily discounted. This is due to our negotiated rates and bulk buying power. On very rare occasions, a rate may be displayed incorrectly due to our, or a vehicle supplier's error. In such a case, if you book with us at a quoted rate that is incorrect, we will notify you of any price change and give you the option to proceed or cancel. We make every effort to keep information on our site up to date, but we cannot guarantee this website is free of errors or omissions and retain the right to update or change the information published at any time.

To the extent permitted by law we/the owners of this website will not be liable to you or to any third party (whether in contract, tort, or otherwise) for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to any accident, injury, delay or loss of enjoyment) arising out of your reliance upon information contained on this website, including but not limited to your use (or inability to use) any products or services described or procured through this website.

When you pick up your vehicle, you will be required to sign a rental agreement with the supplier of the vehicle. Your rental and use of the vehicle will be governed by the terms of the rental agreement and any other documentation or information provided to you by the supplier at the time you pick up your vehicle. The rental agreement is between you and the supplier and we will not be liable to you or to any third party in relation to the terms of the supplier's rental agreement or any other documentation provided to you by the supplier at the time of pick up.

While we will make reasonable efforts to ensure we are representing only reputable suppliers, we make no warranty about the fitness or suitability of any third party (supplier) product or service and will not accept responsibility for the quality or fitness of any vehicle. We welcome feedback from our customers on their experience with our suppliers. We may, at our discretion, provide you with reasonable assistance in resolving any dispute you may have with a supplier.

Our total liability to you in relation to your use of this website and the information contained on this website will not exceed the dollar amount of the deposit we have received from you in relation to your booking/rental. Refunds will not be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather. Again, we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance. Your use of this website is governed by the laws of New Zealand and the jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

Booking information
To make a booking you must complete our booking form which is easy to follow and secured with the latest encryption technology. Once we receive your form, we will, subject to availability, confirm your booking by emailing you a confirmation voucher and invoice.

If you are booking via phone, please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the vehicle you wish to rent first. Our reservations consultant will ask you if you have read the terms and agree to them before proceeding. The onus is always on the renter to ensure they make themselves fully aware of the terms displayed on our website.

Information disclosure
In booking on this website you acknowledge that we disclose your information to your selected Supplier in order to provide the requested rental services.

Vehicle capacity and fitness to drive
Under no circumstances are you permitted to carry more passengers than the vehicle you rent is legally registered to carry, and if you do your insurance may be invalidated. The number of seatbelts (and passengers) is indicated next to each vehicle on this website. Luggage capacity where shown is an indication only and we will not be responsible should you be unable to fit your entire luggage into a vehicle. It is your responsibility to choose a journey that is within your capabilities. A vehicle supplier can refuse to rent a vehicle to any person who is in their opinion unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances we will have no further liability to you.

Refund Policy
In the event of cancellation, any deposit amounts paid at the time of booking are non-refundable. 

If you are unsatisfied with our service, please contact us within 48 hours of placing your booking or request and we will work to resolve any issues and determine if compensation is due. In the event you have completed your rental and are unhappy with your vehicle, we are happy to assist you in seeking compensation from the operator of the vehicle.

This website is owned and operated by Online Republic Ltd. Our financial centre and marketing office is based at Level 4 Excelsior House, 6 Commerce St , Auckland, New Zealand. In Australia, we are based at Suite 3.01, 11 Queens Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004. Thank you for booking with us.

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